STEEL 4.0 encompasses technologies for automation and data Exchange. As it facilitates the vision and execution of the concept of "Smart Factories" where systems monitor processes and make decentralized decisions.

Through networks, the systems communicate and cooperate with each other and with the operator in real time. The internal and intra-organizational services offered add value to the process and to the participants in the productive chain.


The STEEL 4.0 technology in Industrial Automation, specialized in metal stamping and blanking, is a reference in the manufacture of equipment in Brazil. We develop special projects and provide implementation services and specialized technical assistance for the most diverse segments of the metallurgical industry, such as auto parts, home-appliances, electro-electronics, among others.

We offer a complete solution, specifying, supplying and assembling the equipment in the client, in addition to providing operational training to the staff involved in the manufacturing plant (Turn-key).


Equipment developed for widths ranging from 200 to 1,850 mm and thicknesses from 0,5 to 6 mm. The Feeder / Straightener for press or guillotines controlled by servo motors works with low carbon steel (SAE 1010/1020) to high carbon steel (LNE 38/50, DP600 / 1000), materials with resistances of 290 at 1000 MPa.

Item 1 and 2 : Automatic actuation of straightening regulation through electronic servo motors. The data is stored in a database for quick set-up.
Item 3 - Traction and linear movement of the material through an electronic servo motor.


Cutting lines developed for:
• Cutting straight blanks using a guillotine.
• Cut blanks at a determined angle using a guillotine and rotation automation system.
• Cutting of figured blanks with a press.

1 - Coil Lift Car for loads from 3,000 to 20,000 kg.
2 - Pressor roller with hydraulic actuation for coil opening set-up and introduction of the coil.
3 - Motorized unwinder with brake for loads from 1,000 to 20,000 kg and widths from 200 to 1,850 mm useful.
4 - Straightener / Electronic Feeder for widths from 200 to 1,850 mm useful and thicknesses from 0,5 to 6 mm.
5 - Guillotine with hydraulic actuation standard of the market.
6 - Electronic automation system for guillotine rotation for cutting at an angle.
7 - Automatic Lift Table for unloading the blanks of plates on the pallets.
8 - Press from 40 to 2000 tons of force to be used to cut the blanks of figured plates (with tooling).


The system monitors the stamping process on a friction brake press. In processes where the material is fed automatically, that is, without manipulation by the operator, the tool monitor protects the stamp in the event of an error in the positioning of the material, as well as failure in the part exit and strip wrinkling, among other critics points, immediately stopping the machine.

Some monitoring points:

1 - Lack of material
2 - Wrinkle of material
3 - Pilot pin
4 - Confirmation of step
5 - Output of parts

Note: It is possible to add other optional monitoring points (parts ejector, lubrication, etc.)


Equipment that fully meets the requirements of production:

• Rigid and robust but at the same time with adequate dimensions so that it can be mount it as close as possible to the tool;
• Accurate (+/- 0.05mm) thanks to efficient rear and front shock absorbers;
• Silent;
• Economical in the consumption of compressed air as well as in the cost of acquisition;
• Built for long operating life with noble materials. There is no risk of internal oxidation of the feeder due to presence of moisture in the compressed air;
• Easy to install (interchangeable component between two or more tools).

Mechanical actuation by the hammer or cam of the press, being possible electric actuation through sensor.p>


• Unwinders (vertical / horizontal);
• Unwinders + Straighteners (compact model);
• Straighteners;
• Electronic feeders;
• Straighteners / Feeders (combined electronics);
• Straighteners / Electronic Feeders + Unwinders;
• Sistema de Automação para Prensa Conjugado;
• Automation System for Conjugated Press;
• Lift Cars;
• Pressing rollers;
• Light curtains;
• Electronic Bimanual Security Commands.

Steel 4.0 - Mercosur Plate Production - Estampo Tec

Complete solution developed for our customer for the production of mercosur standart plates
for automobiles and motorcycles.

Equipment used on the line:
🟢 Unwinder;
🟢 Film Aplicator;
🟢 Feeder:
🟢 Stamping Tool;
🟢 Press;
🟢 Conveyor Belt;

Steel 4.0 - A product with quality Estampo Tec

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